The Goal:
to fully fund a container church for the believers in northern Kyiv, Ukraine.

Update: We raised $30,000!

In the coming months, WHO will be creating teams to travel to Ukraine, with the goal of helping to rebuild critical structures and allow people to return to safe dwellings. If you would like to be part of those trips, sign up below.
For many years, the WHO family has fostered deep relationships with the church in Ukraine. We have visited them many times, and they have come here, staying in our homes and gathering around our tables. The exchange of ministry and encouragement, along with incredible times of worship together in the Lord, has been priceless to us. Because of this deep love for their country, they have been praying without ceasing for their beloved country and are fighting from love to keep it.

As Ukraine continues to fight for their home and independence, the humanitarian need is sharply increasing. It is our heart to give generously and compassionately to this need.

If you would like to give to their needs, click the button below. Be sure to choose "Ukraine" in the category for your gift.

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