2021: Closing the Gap: Heaven’s Perspective on Earth’s Issues

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We want to be proactive in creating a considerate and faith-filled environment in which to worship together. We all want our families safe and healthy. We also enjoy the benefit and blessing of worshipping together. It is our continued goal to create the atmosphere where both desires are honored.

The following considerations remain in effect:

1. Increased space in our seating arrangement to create family “pods”.

2. Signs on doors strongly recommending the wearing of masks during gatherings.

Please thoughtfully consider each member of our family with loving care. If unsure about someone’s personal convictions on this subject, don’t hesitate to ask. By doing so, we honor one another as we endeavor to maintain the unity of the Spirit among the family.

Those who prefer to join us from home can take advantage of our digital streams on Facebook and YouTube. We are grateful for our diligent tech crews who volunteer their time to provide this alternative for us. A note about our streaming platforms: YouTube’s livestream is best suited if you prefer to watch from your TV. (You can download the YouTube app on most smart TVs.) YouTube is also a good option for those who prefer not to use Facebook’s app. We are also live on Facebook for those who have the app. (Wherever you choose to watch, we love when you join in by commenting, reacting and sharing!)

Living Symbols

April 4, 2021 | Ben DelgadoSunday Gathering

Bible Study: Seeing Ourselves As He Created Us

March 24, 2021 | Bible Study

This week we were privileged to study the bible with Leslie Gabler.