Ukraine Update

Each month, WHO supports the rebuilding of Ukraine by funding two drivers, Alexsey and Yura, who work tirelessly to transport goods and people back and forth across the needy, depleted areas of war-torn Ukraine.
We were excited to receive the following new update from our beloved Ira, below:
In December and January (till the 29th) our team installed 21 modular houses, 9 of which were in Kherson and Kherson region. All the houses were supplied with furniture that the team put together and installed.
Also, we made 100 Christmas gifts for kids in Hostomel and distributed them.
We brought about 50 beds and mattresses from other region to our church in Hostomel and arranged a sleeping place for people in the church in case we have a blackout.
Starting this year we have some changes in our team. Yura and his wife Ira were ordained to be pastors in our Hostomel church, so their work is now more directed to church people and services, home groups, Alpha courses etc.
I am sending you the pictures from team work and ministry that we do but especially Yura in the church.

We love you and appreciate your family and your help so so much! 
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