Pastors & Staff

Mark & Dawn Durniak

Lead Pastors

Going on 30 years in business and ministry, Mark and Dawn still feel like they are just getting started! Driven by an ever-renewing encounter with Jesus, every day is an authentic effort to express the culture of heaven and the Father’s heart through marketplace activities. They have been honored to serve World Harvest Outreach from its founding in 1997, as well as their local community through their construction and real estate businesses. Life is made even more exciting and awe-inspiring by who their 4 exceptional adult children are and how they impact the earth. Mark and Dawn’s most recent adventure? Two young grandsons!

Ben & Jen Delgado

Ben: Teaching Pastor  |  Jen: Worship Pastor

What do you get when you mix Puerto Rico, Queens, music (especially worship and jazz), impeccable taste, a stand-up comedy routine, a brood of chickens, 4 dynamic kids, and a weighty anointing? Why, the Delgados, of course! The Delgados walk in a unparalleled blend of wisdom, power and potent creativity, able to minister to the broken and contend for the full restoration of every heart.

Chris & Jocelyn Pence

Chris: Technology Guru  | Jocelyn: Children's Pastor

Together with their 3 lovely daughters, the Pence family is never short on hilarious stories or exciting plans. Chris and Jocelyn are an exercise of complements: vibrant and calm, wise and teachable, strong and soft. Jocelyn's unwavering devotion to the heart of God in children has established a unique and exceptional kids program at WHO, laying the foundation for many children to rise up boldly. See the WHOKids! page for more information.

Kendal Trader

Community Pastor

As you drive through downtown Chambersburg, you have a decent shot of driving past Kendal, who often walks the streets in prayer. He is passionate about the heart of Jesus. A mystic thinker who appreciates art and eats kiwis with the skin on, Kendal puts feet to the hope of Jesus, caring and advocating for the least-of-these in our community with a honoring, healing touch. 

Nick & Diane Helman

Nick: Tech Coordinator  |  Diane: Administrator

If you are just getting started with the WHO family or have questions, Diane can help you find the answers and connections you need!

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