Ukraine Update

As we work together with incredible relationships and organizations, food and supplies are reaching those hardest hit by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Van loads of supplies have been dispensed to Cherkasy, Kharkiv and Mariupol.
Special thanks to Jakov Kovac of Serbia, Dirk De Jong of De Jong fruit in Holland, Arek Bury of Vita Fruit in Poland, Morningstar Ministries, Joshua's Army Inc., IPHC of South Carolina, Christian Refugee Relief of Holland, Assembly of God (Kovel, Ukraine), and Father’s House (Kyiv, Ukraine). WHO is honored to partner with ATK Ministries (Steve and Gina Burris) and Koinonia Ministries (Randy and Corey Strombeck). We honor the many beautiful hands who serve daily to dispense these much-needed supplies.
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