Where We Are Going

We are becoming a body of children who reveal our Father’s heart and power to the world.

How We're Getting There

We devote ourselves to understanding who Jesus is and who we are in Him. We will practice walking like Him in our times together, and in our daily lives at home and at school.

Our Standards

We listen to our teachers
We listen to each other
We embrace our unique identities
We honor every person
We exhibit the fruits of the Spirit
We look to influence others in God’s culture, heart and ways

Teaching & Volunteering

We encourage parents and teachers to get involved with WHOKids! classes and activities. It's the best way we know to practice the upside-down culture that fosters and empowers our children to know the voice of God and lead boldly according to His heart and ways.


Throughout the year, the WHOKids! meet in the presence of Jesus to play together, explore Scripture, and pray. So many tremendous encounters have taken place. Click here to read recent stories from WHOKids!

"A Child Will Lead Them"

Our children's pastor Jocelyn Pence wrote this simple but powerful book, detailing the Father's heart for children. Let the message of the Father's heart and sight in A Child Will Lead Them open your heart to receive children anew, to embrace His heart for them—and for yourself.

A Child Will Lead Them

Each Sunday, we keep our children with us in the auditorium during the worship time, allowing families to worship together and capturing every opportunity to experience the Father in them. As worship concludes, the kids are dismissed to their classes:

WHOKids! Elementary

For children from kindergarten to sixth grade. Each class is an exploration of the Father's heart in children, including Bible teaching, prayer and prophetic ministry, fun games and snack!


For children who are 4-5 years old. This class features simple Bible lessons and play, providing a platform for these young ones to explore and express themselves.

Little Movers

For toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old. A warm and fun environment for the busy little guys who welcome a place to play during our message.

Mother's Nursery

A private room for mothers to care for their babies at any time during your time in our building.

Our Kids Pastor: Jocelyn Pence