Every woman has a story

and every story is valuable:

The young woman standing at the brink of her future, looking at all the possibilities she could pursue.
The young mother with little children all around her, growing and developing and running in different directions.
The woman whose hopes are delayed.
The woman whose children are diving into life while their mother prays for their protection and enjoys seeing who they are becoming.
The woman who has to rediscover herself now that the duties of motherhood have grown less consuming.
The woman who knows she likely has fewer years ahead of her than those that are behind her.

When we gather, there is value for every story
and support for every challenge.

"My favorite thing about Ladies Night is when we all come together as daughters to worship our Heavenly Father. There is something very powerful when we worship together.  I know it brings so much delight to the Lord..."

"At Ladies' Nights, I can get to know other women in a more personal way.  We can all share our triumphs and struggles.  The food is always delicious too!"

Meet Melanie.

Melanie Eliacin, along with many volunteers and helpers, guides our women's gatherings. If you want to get involved, have an idea for a women's event, or want to ask a question, contact Mel!