Manifest: One Fully Loved

Mar 5, 2023    Mark Durniak

Do we have a God to obey, or do we have a Father to be loved by? Obedience does not necessarily come from the heart. It does not automatically produce holy nature within us; it produces holy behavior. So we have ongoing conflict within ourselves: we know the right thing, but do not want to do it.

God is not after our right behavior. He is far more concerned about the reality of what is happening within our hearts. The appearance of holiness is a trick if it is a performance, and not the genuine expression of one who knows they are fully loved by God. Do not measure your identity by what you do. Your value is not based on your behavior. Your value is based on a far more weighty reality: You are wholly loved by God.

A love relationship with Father God causes our hearts to turn in genuine alignment with the thoughts and desires of our His heart. Performance and expectations are the hallmark of one who believes God is disappointed with us. It is inevitable we will fall short. But when we know we are loved by God, our holy identities brilliantly manifest from within us!