Prayer Update (Mar 8)

for Ukraine. Please keep praying and speaking hope, mercy and peace over Ukraine. Be vigilant and thoughtful, praying specific prayers as they come to you. No thought or prayer is insignificant.

for Patrick (Laurel White's nephew). He has suffered a really hard COVID infection that critically damaged his liver. His only chance of survival is a liver transplant; he is currently being tested to see if he is a candidate.

for Mary Strauser (Tammie Fisher's aunt), who is dealing with heart valve issues. She is slated for surgery on Thursday. (Also) Tammie is dealing with allergies, as well as muscle spasms from some medication she is taking.

for Thomas Embry, who is facing a difficult personal challenge and needs the wisdom, courage, and healing of the Lord.

for Kim Miller (Cat's husband), who recovering from rotator-cuff surgery.

for Emily (Maggie Sayers' sister), who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She has been having issues with her heart and lungs, which doctors believe may be post-Covid complications. She has one treatment left which has been put on hold until doctors can run some tests.

for Anne DeGrange's family. Her great-granddaughter Cheyanne continues to suffer with a difficult heart malformation. Please pray for the Lord to touch and restore this family.

for the Myers family. Mike's recovery is being hindered by a build-up of fluid in his leg. Pray for his surgeon to have creative ideas to resolve this. Pray also for creative solutions for their financial obligations. The Myers family continues to need financial support and encouragement. If you want to contribute to their financial needs, click here.

We want to include your prayer items and breakthrough testimonies on this list!
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