Prayer Update (Feb 1)

We Are Praying...

  • for Will and Lisa Rodriguez, who are hoping to adopt two children (a young boy and girl) whom they fostered in the past. Another foster family has also come forward to adopt, so there will be a hearing in a few weeks to determine the best direction for these two dear children. Will and Lisa are very hopeful and would appreciate our prayer and nearness as they walk out this process and work through the various legal hurdles leading up to the hearing.
  • for Thomas Embry, who is facing a difficult personal challenge and needs the wisdom, courage, and healing of the Lord.
  • for Mike Linn's mom Gail as she heals from her double mastectomy.
  • for Carly (Mike Scholl's 10-year-old niece), who is undergoing testing for stomach pains.
  • for Steve Schumacher as he heals from Covid. Pray also for Jesse Witmer (friend of Jeff and Tammy Fisher) who is on a ventilator from Covid.
  • in praise with Josh and Jenny Lehman (cousin of Diane Helman, Steph Stahl and Amanda Wong), who has been discharged after open-heart surgery to repair a heart tumor. We continue to pray for the weeks of recovery ahead.
  • in praise with Jessica Goins, who has been discharged from the hospital and continues to heal at home.
  • for Vicki King, who has ended her treatment for breast cancer. We join her prayer for a full and joyful life, every day.
  • for Anne DeGrange's family. Her great-granddaughter Cheyanne continues to suffer with a difficult heart malformation. Please pray for the Lord to touch and restore this family.
  • for Frank Disbrow, who is living with circulatory dementia. Pray for him as he makes progress in his plans to move in with his son Frank.
  • for the Myers family. Mike's recovery is being hindered by a build-up of fluid in his leg. Pray for this condition to pass! Pray also for a suitable employment opportunity to present itself for Mike, who had to resign his position at Waynesboro this week. The Myers family continues to need financial support and encouragement. If you want to contribute to their financial needs, click here.

We want to include your prayer items and breakthrough testimonies on this list!
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