Prayer Update (Jan 11)

Prayer Updates (Jan 11)

in thanksgiving for the safety of Connor Wright and Carter Kessler, who were in a auto accident this weekend. Their car was totaled, but the boys walked away unharmed! Pray also for Connor and Carter as  they process their experience of the crash.

in celebration for the safe arrival of Liam O'Connell, firstborn son of Reece & Angela O'Connell!

in thanksgiving with Laurel White, who has found a place to live! (She'll be moving on January 15 and would welcome some help.)

for Jenny Lehman (cousin of Diane Helman, Steph Stahl and Amanda Wong). Jenny, 39-year-old mother of 4 and pregnant with her fifth child), will be having open-heart surgery next week to correct a tumor in her heart. Jenny is struggling to be apart from her children for so long. Pray that her vision and the (roughly 20) stroke sites in her brain to heal, that her unborn baby to be unharmed during the procedure, and her husband Josh as he walks with his family through this challenge.

for Jessica Goins, who has been admitted to an NC hospital with Covid. She has since developed pneumonia. Today was a more difficult day; pray for her lungs to continue to improve and her spirit to be encouraged.

for the family of Ray Berger (his wife Katie and their 3 children). Ray passed away this weekend from complications from Covid.

for the family and friends of Jill Martin, who passed away in her sleep this weekend.

for health, safety and healing in our families and community throughout the cold winter months.

for Tammie Fisher's uncle Butch, whose stomach cancer has spread. He needs a miracle.

for Maggie Sayers' sister Emily, who is experiencing the difficult, draining side effects of chemo treatments as she overcomes breast cancer. Not only are the physical difficulties extensive, but also her mental and emotional challenges are adding to the burden of this journey. Please pray for her whole person, both physically and emotionally.

for Mike Linn's mom Gail. Though she successfully beat breast cancer many years ago, the cancer has returned. She will be having a double mastectomy in the coming months.

for Vicki King, as she continues treatment for cancer. Vicki asks that we join her in complete faith that her cancer is gone.

for Anne DeGrange's family. Her great-granddaughter Cheyanne continues to suffer with a difficult heart malformation. Please pray for the Lord to touch and restore this family.

for Frank Disbrow, who is living with circulatory dementia. Pray for him to be surrounded by good thoughts and good company.

for the Myers family. Mike's recovery is being hindered by a build-up of fluid in his leg. Pray for this condition to pass! The Myers family continues to need financial support and encouragement. If you want to contribute to their financial needs, click here.

We want to include your prayer items and breakthrough testimonies on this list!
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