Prayer Update (Dec 1)

We Are Praying...

in joy and ongoing intercession for Ruth Kuhns, who continues to improve each day. Her oxygen support level is decreasing, but she cannot move much without needing higher oxygen. Her doctors expect it will be a few more days yet until they can consider sending her home.

for Eric (Ashley Wiley's brother), who has been diagnosed with a rare condition related to a bundle of abnormal veins. He is scheduled for surgery on December 14 to have them removed at Johns Hopkins. Pray for the procedure to go well, and that Eric will be whole and restored. Additionally, pray for Eric and his family to experience peace and rest as they trust the Father.

for Donna (Amber Murray's mom), who has been discharged and is continuing to heal at home.

for Tammie Fisher, who fell down her basement steps on Saturday and is being examined on Friday for two possible fractures in her foot.

for Laurel White, who continues to deal with difficult back pain. Pray also that she finds a suitable 2-bedroom apartment to rent.

for Vicki King, as her chemo treatments come to and end and as she begins radiation treatments. Pray for the side effects from her chemo to subside.

for Anne DeGrange's great-granddaughter Cheyanne, who needs a heart surgery; however, it has been postponed because Cheyanne is sick. Doctors want to give her the best possible outcome, but have said they will not delay the procedure any further than the end of December.

for Frank Disbrow, who is living with circulatory dementia. Pray for him to be surrounded by good thoughts and good company.

for the Myers family. As Mike continues to heal at home, and with Michelle's shoulder surgery having been postponed, the Myers family continues to need support and encouragement. If you want to contribute to their financial needs, click here.

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