Why Communion?


You may have noticed that for the last 6 weeks, we've done communion every week. In September, a friend came to Mark in the heart of the Lord, encouraging the WHO family to take communion every Sunday for a period of time (currently, our thought is to continue through the end of the year).

Remembering of the Lord through communion is not just to recollect Jesus, but to reassemble His body by bringing the thoughts, memories, concepts, principles of the Lord back to the forefront, reassembling them and giving them our focus. We are re-membering the body of Jesus, putting it back together the way it should be. Often, when communion is done not just consistently but intentionally, it brings healing to a group of people, a family, a church, overcoming fractures, divisions or conflict. There is supernatural healing in the practice of communion, bringing believers together in the memory and attention of Jesus.
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