Prayer Update (Nov 11)

We are praying...

for our families in the coming weeks. As we meet together, may we be a presence of deep love and peace around the family table. We pray specifically for those who have not encountered the Presence of Jesus to experience Him in us.

for Tammie Fisher, who is working through insomnia and pain in her hips. We pray also for her friend Dave Reed as he deeply mourns the loss of his wife Peggy, who died from Covid-19.

for Kendal Trader's sister Allison and husband Steve, who have tested positive for Covid-19 and are feeling very unwell.

for Vicki King, who continues in chemo treatments until December, when she will begin radiation treatments. Pray for the side effects from her chemo to subside.

for Kelly Gates' friend Penny Anthony, who is mourning the loss of her husband Pete due to Covid-19 complications.

for Anne DeGrange's great-granddaughter Cheyanne, who is suffering with a difficult heart condition.

for Frank Disbrow, who is living with circulatory dementia. Pray for him to have clear, accurate thoughts and to be able to make decisions he can trust.

for the Myers family, especially Michelle as she endures the final few days of pain until her shoulder surgery on November 23. If you want to contribute to their financial needs, click here. Pray for the Myers family to heal well!

We want to include your prayer items and breakthrough testimonies on this list!
Send us your prayer updates here.
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