Prayer Update (Oct 27)

We Are Praying...

in joy with Jocelyn and the Pence family, who had an excellent weekend at the kids crusade in Delaware! We can't wait to hear all her stories!

for the businesses and employers of our area who are working through staffing and supply chain challenges. May Jesus supply your every need, and may your teams be well-fortified with competent, dedicated employees.

for Maggie Sayers' sister Emily, who is under treatment for breast cancer and has tested positive for Covid-19. Pray for her white blood cell count to stay in a good range, and for her coughing to be minimal (as this causes her discomfort, due to surgical drains.)

for the family of Peggy Reed, friend of Tammy Fisher, who died of breast cancer last week.

for Vicki King, who has 14 more weeks of treatment for cancer (8 more weeks of chemo, and then 6 weeks of radiation). We stand with her in full belief that she will completely overcome!

for Anne DeGrange's great-granddaughter Cheyanne, who is suffering with a difficult heart condition. She is scheduled for surgery this week, Friday October 29, at 7am.

for Frank Disbrow, who is living with circulatory dementia. Pray for him to have clear, accurate thoughts and to be able to make decisions he can trust.

for the Myers family. Mike continues to heal up at home. A shoulder replacement is scheduled for Michelle for November 23. They will be short on income until they are able to return to work, sometime after the beginning of 2022. If you want to contribute to their financial needs, click here. Pray for the Myers family to heal well!

We want to include your prayer items and breakthrough testimonies on this list!
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