Surely the Lord is Here

There we were in the WHOKids! room, talking about when Jacob said, "Surely the Lord is here." We talked about Stephen looking at the Lord, and about Mary at Jesus' feet.  

I asked the kids, "What does your heart look like when you keep looking at Jesus, no matter what surrounds you?  Whether it be promises like Jacob, or persecution like Stephen, or tasks like Mary (& Martha), what does your heart look like when you look at the Lord?  Your whole attention fixed on Jesus?"

Their voices began to answer softly as they spent time sitting with Jesus in this question. One soft voice murmured, "Whole."  (Oh, how my whole spirit was captivated by the gentle Spirit of Jesus that was pouring out of this dear boy's heart!)

Another child responded, "Hope. I feel hope."
Another: "Not cracked anymore."
A dear girl offered with her whole trust and rest in Jesus: "Peace. Like down in my belly. Peace."  

The Spirit of Jesus is drawing the gaze of our hearts into Him.  I still feel Him so strong from those kiddos... Their hearts, their pure faith, their genuine desire.  What an honor to sit with them and learn of Him this morning.

- Joc
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