Prayer Update (Sept 29)

We Are Praying...

  • for Devin & Travis Kesslers' brother-in-law Rich. He is in critical condition as he fights Covid-19, pneumonia and kidney issues. He is in a medically-induced coma and is starting dialysis. Rich is deeply loved by his family and needs Jesus to help him break through.
  • for the Myers family. Mike's knee replacement is scheduled for October 7 at Hershey. A shoulder replacement is scheduled for Michelle for November 23. They will be short on income until they are able to return to work, sometime after the beginning of 2022. If you would like to contribute to their needs, click here.
  • in joy with Maggie Sayers' sister Emily, who received good news concerning the type of breast cancer she is dealing with. It is not as invasive as first believed, and her treatments can be drastically changed. We pray for her treatments to be successful, and for her reproductive system to be unharmed by her chemo.
  • in joy with Daniel, Sherlin and David Berkey. David is considered cured, and his eye was saved! We praise Jesus for His miracle in David's life!
  • for Katie Staggs, who has been dealing with dry socket after dental surgery several weeks ago. Katie has been in ongoing pain, and we join her in prayer for her mouth to be quickly and completely healed.
  • in ongoing support with the Embry family as they seek wisdom in their next steps after the loss of Dru.
  • for Sandy Hissong, who is battling Covid-19, pneumonia, and blood clots at Chambersburg Hospital. She is making progress (demanding less oxygen than she previously needed), but still has a long way to go. We also praise the Lord that her husband Ivan was discharged and able to return home to their son Casey.
  • for Ben Musser, as he continues heart treatment in Hershey.
  • for Vicki King, who has 18 more weeks of treatment for cancer (12 more weeks of chemo, and then 6 weeks of radiation). We stand with her in full belief that she will completely overcome!
  • with Tammie Fisher, whose horse Red has several medical issues that need to be resolved. Treatment has been stressful and complex.
  • for Jimmy Frye's sister Krystle, who is under treatment for tachycardia and has been struggling with anxiety and depression.
  • for Lauren Dieffenbach's sister Alena, who has been diagnosed with pneumonia. We pray for fever-free nights of good rest.
  • for those who are in mourning, including Dutrow family (after the loss of Chelsea), Kelly Gates and her friend Penny (after the loss of Pete Anthony), and Jason Runk (after the loss of his uncle Wilbur).
  • for Anne DeGrange's great-granddaughter Cheyanne, who is suffering with a difficult heart condition. Unless Jesus intervenes and does a miracle, her heart will eventually fail.
  • for Frank Disbrow, who is living with circulatory dementia. Pray for him to have clear, accurate thoughts and to be able to make decisions he can trust.

We want to include your prayer items and breakthrough testimonies on this list!
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