I encourage you today to be in prayer.

Be intentionally before the Lord, looking at His face, experiencing His heart. Allow Him to speak life to you, shaping and reshaping who you are. Receive abundantly from your Father, who is the Father of all creation and every nation under Heaven. Look long, listen intently and rest in His presence.
It is in this patient and deliberate context where we learn how to pray for the things of the earth. Here we are directed by Heaven rather than react to earth. We are invited into a consciousness not only out and ahead of earthly time but above it too. Here we pray and live from an authority and love that can bring true and lasting change to the things of earth.

Join me in this heart posture. It will initially feel as if you are “doing nothing”. But that’s you eschewing the worldly pressure to react which often leads to smoke with little fire. We are wise sons and daughters who care enough about this earth we’ve been given to counsel long with the One who spoke it into existence.
There will be a time to speak and act. And when that times comes, you will want the blessed assurance of time spent with the King of Kings.

Love you all,
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