Help for Haiti

Greetings Beloved,
As you all know, the southern peninsula of Haiti was devastated with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. As of yesterday over 3,000 people are dead and over 6,000 are injured. These numbers will rise in the days to come, simply because rescue efforts are still going at this time. "Search and Rescue" Buildings and even towns were flattened by the power of the quake.
At the same time we were hit by tropical disturbance "Grace," which dumped 8" of water in less than 12 hours in that same area. There were flash floods and mudslides, which increased the difficulty of relief efforts. Our humble church here in Haiti is  receiving supplies from our congregation  and sending those supplies, small as they are, to affected families.

At the same time, we at Fishers of Men Ministries is activating a much larger plan to send aid.
We have two established churches in this area. One church was spared and one collapsed, along with that pastor's home. We will use both of these pastors to oversee distribution of food, water, tarps and tents. I just ordered a 40 ft. Container of food. I'm awaiting shipping instructions as I'm writing. I'm thinking we need to go ahead and order the second container once we secure the first. The food is free, provided by Feeding The Nations, but shipping and clearing the container in customs is up to us. This will generally run about $7,000 per container.
In addition to food,  we  need to ship Tarps , tents, cases of bottled water, and good used clothing.

1. If our Lord lays it on your heart, send a donation. You can either mail a check made out to Fishers of Men Ministries, earmarked "Quake" or go to our website and send it on PayPal.
Fishers of Men Ministries
P.O. Bx 410953
Melbourne, Fl 32941
Web site: for PayPal
2. Maybe your church or organization would consider doing a Clothing and/or a Tarp drive. Please ask that used clothing be in very good shape. We also need light blankets and tarps, along with small tents. I'd like to find the tarps by the case and tents by the dozens.

3. Bottled Water will be purchased through donations  here in Melbourne Fl. and even in Haiti. Unfortunately the bottling companies in Haiti will struggle with the need.

Once again, God is calling us to lend a hand to suffering people… by in large the Haitian people are humble, loving, hard working people.

Let’s stand together and give them a helping hand.
Until the Nets are Full,
Pastors Jay & Linda Threadgill
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