Family Prayer Updates

If you have items to add to our prayer list, have a testimony to share, or want to send an update to our current prayer items, please contact us here.
Chelsea Dutrow: This week, tests confirmed that Chelsea's cancer has spread to her esophagus. Her breathing has continued to worsen. She remains admitted; doctors are working to help her improve so she can return home and continue seeking any possible further treatment options at Johns Hopkins. She needs a miracle. Jesus, we pray for Chelsea's cancer to be gone. We ask for her to enjoy long, deep breaths! Be comfort and strength to her being. We declare over her, 'Peace be with you! Body, come into full health, in Jesus' name!'

David Berkey: This week, Sherlin's parents received their visa to travel to the US! Hallelujah! This will be the first time in four years Sherlin will see her parents! Thank you Jesus! Today (Weds), David goes under anesthesia for a lengthy eye exam. Physicians are looking closely at how David's treatment has impacted the tumor so far, so they can better determine his treatment path forward. Jesus, in every test and treatment that David encounters this week, we pray for gentle hands and knowledgeable care. We bless him with calm strength. Bless Dan and Sherlin with good sleep, good meals and deep peace! We pray for David's tumor to disappear, and we bless him with a long and healthy life!

James Byers: 
After a brief period of confusion and high heart rate, James appears to be improving! Hallelujah! His daughter Abbi was able to have a conversation with him; she said it was "like talking to Dad again." James continues to fight infection, but doctors are hopeful antibiotics will be able to resolve it. He was transferred to LTACH (Long Term Acute Care Hospital) to focus on his rehabilitation. We are working on getting an address so we can send cards. Jesus, thank you for bringing James out from confusion and into the light. We pray for his rehabilitation to be a time of incredible recovery and restoration. May every memory and capability be fully restored to him!

Peggy Reed: Jeff and Tammie Fisher visited Peggy on Monday night. She has had a port placed and will be receiving chemo every Friday all the way to December. (This is considered Phase 1 of her treatment plan.) After that, the current plan is surgery.  (Peggy is facing stage 4 breast and lymph node cancer.)  Jesus, a difficult road is before Peggy's feet. We take her hands and turn our hearts in the posture of family and in full faith. May Your presence strengthen her hope, and may Your goodness be seen. We pray for her cancers to be gone!
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