Family Prayer Updates

If you want to add your prayer need, update the information below, or share a testimony of how God has shown Himself faithful, contact us here.
David Berkey: The Berkey family celebrated a miraculous, momentary restoration of David's platelet levels last week! Thank you Jesus! David has continual blood work and eye checks in his future, so we pray endurance and miracles into every moment of his journey. The Berkeys are considering a trip to Tennessee so that David can meet Daniel's family. Pray for wisdom, sustained good blood counts, continued healing of the tumor behind David's eye, and rest for Sherlin, who is not getting much sleep. "Jesus, we stand in Your goodness over David's life, and with the Berkey family. We ask for the tumor to be entirely dissolved, and for his blood counts to sustain healthy levels! Sustain the Berkey family and provide rest and wisdom for every step!"

James Byers: After several days off the ventilator, James was put back on the ventilator when his breathing mysteriously became rapid and shallow. "Jesus, we pray for permanent, positive improvement! We ask for James' body to fight off all infection, and for his mental clarity to be restored!"

Lisa Rodriguez: Lisa is still dealing with quite a bit of pain in her knee. Jocelyn is coordinating some meals for their family, to help shoulder the load of her recovery. They live in Waynesboro. If you would like to contribute a meal, contact Jocelyn here. "Jesus, as Lisa's recovery continues, we ask for You to restore Lisa's mobility and cause her joint to operate at full capacity without any pain!"

Frank Disbrow: Frank has been diagnosed with circulatory dementia, a condition which has been discouraging and distressing. "Jesus, we ask for Frank's mind to operate clearly, with reasoning that can be trusted!"