Completely Free.
Joyfully Indebted.

We Manifest:


As our lives look more like Jesus, we begin to deliver life and hope into broken situations. Relationships and difficulties experience restoration, authentic breakthroughs, and freedom.

Identity-Driven Action

As we recognize how our unique identities reveal the nature and likeness of Jesus, we pour on the gasoline! Our roots dig deep and we grow, bearing good fruit.

We Measure:

Honor for All People

As we look at others through the eyes of Jesus, we see others purely and accurately. Our community becomes an irresistible overflow of encouragement, accuracy, and partnership. 

Love as our Standard

The full love of Jesus, in all kindness, wrath, and truth, is the highest standard of living. We resist complacency and superficiality in the diligent practice of His divine love.

We Multiply:

Authentic Family

We desire that every outreach of ministry within the WHO family spring first from healthy nuclear family units. Without strong families at the core, every holy vision eventually fails.


The very concept of scarcity fades as the vibrant fabric of community springs to life. In the Kingdom, there is complete provision for every need. He is always more than enough.