Early this morning, I had a dream. A man and woman were walking with me down a busy street. The woman turned to me and asked me “Why Jesus?”. “Why can’t a person just believe in God?”

Waking up later, her question still burned in my spirit. “Why Jesus?”.

As I continued through my morning I began preparing my answer to her in my mind. Threading together scriptures, explanations and examples for a convincing response.

Right in the midst of that preparation, the Lord arrested me. I realized her question was not for me to answer.

It was for me to ask why she needed to ask the question.

You see, when Jesus walked on the earth, no one ever asked “Why Jesus?”. He was real, so apparent, so THERE that there was no question as to Why?.

The woman’s question was the cry of humanity for a convincing argument, a proof, of Jesus’ existence. Just like the creation, the world is asking for proof of life.

That argument has been in letters, words and verbal debate for far too long. Most discourse on the Lord has created more questions and more doubters.

Her question is the alarm clock to my slumbering spirit. I am more awake as I realize I must BE Him in the earth before I talk about Him.

Did you ever feel afraid to speak about Him? Uncomfortable? Odd? I am fully convinced I now know why.

It’s because our life doesn’t match the words we are to speak. Before you get condemned, hear me out.

Our words need a platform to be heard. People come to a platform when they are interested in what’s going to be said. What makes them interested?

Our life, manifesting His presence. Our spirit, full of light. Our heart, turned toward them.

It’s less about being ashamed of Christ and more about building a life He’s seen in.

Think about it: Jesus spent thirty years on the earth before He performed any ministry. He was building His platform.

Relationship – intimate, consistent encounter with Jesus – is the only construction plan. Any other plan will convince you that words are enough. They are not.

Words are powerful when coupled with proof of life. The imprisoned John the baptist asked if Jesus was the messiah or if they were to expect another. Jesus’ answer was “Go and report to John what you hear and see…”.

The gospel is show AND tell. It is right words with right living. It is Jesus in His fullness in the here and now – in you and through you.

YOU are the answer to the woman’s question in my dream.

Please answer her so I can sleep.

In love,