December 10, 2013

Thoughts from Mark

Our God heals.  Our Father loves with abandon.  Holy Spirit faithfully helps us in our weakness.  Jesus sacrificed willingly while we were yet sinners.

Supernatural signs and wonders are real.  Miracles DO happen.  The impossible IS possible with the Lord.  He does make all things work together for good.

ALL things.

Good things.  Bad things.  Evil things. Sickness and health.  Restored and broken relationship.  Depression and happiness.

God IS good.  That is who He is.  His goodness permeates everything in our lives.

We forget that Solomon said there is an appointed time for everything – weeping AND laughing, tearing apart and sewing together, to embrace and shun embracing, to love and hate, war and peace.

In all of these things, He is good.

We should be aware of our tendency to only see the aspects of God’s heart we either already experienced or want to experience.  Otherwise, we shun parts of His character we see in our everyday life with the oversimplified response of “That’s not the Lord.”

God’s goodness is not defined by how things work out for us.  Rather, it’s defined by WHO we become in the midst of those things.  His singular focus in our lives is US.  Not our stuff.  The sooner we align ourselves with His focus, the more of His goodness we experience.

Our Father gets angry.  Why?  If He’s good, He shouldn’t get angry.  Actually, the anger He feels is to redirect us, refocus us, awaken us.  The moment we realize that God’s anger is His love, we accept it–embracing it as His mercy toward us.

As long as we view the Lord as an all-benevolent, all-healing, all-blessing God, we miss His whole heart.  No good parent only blesses, only approves, only rewards.  Why do we expect the great Father of all to be any different?

In His love is correction, distance and silence.  Correction brings us back onto paths of righteousness.  Distance causes us to stretch, reach and dig deeper bringing forth an us we never knew was inside.  His silence is an unuttered “You’ve got what it takes, why are you asking me? You’re asking me and you already know, you’re already empowered.”

God is not concerned about His reputation.  He’s willing to be considered unkind, unloving or even mean for a season until we realize who we’ve become.  A good father is more concerned about His son’s becoming than how the son feels about him in the midst of it.  

When we come to the vital realization that the impossible, the miracle, the gift we are seeking is a more whole US, we will begin to experience the whole heart of God.  We will embrace all aspects of His nature to become who He’s always imagined us to be.

And we will see that it – He – truly is ALL good.

In love,