December 20, 2013

Thoughts from Mark

I am a stickler, I admit it.  There are certain things I am adamant about.  One of them is how people think.  Not what they think.  HOW they think.

If we can shift how we think, what we think naturally follows.

How we think about ourselves is a reflection of how we think about the Lord.  If we are hard on ourselves, we believe God is hard on us.  If we are compassionate, He is.  If we judge people, He does too.

Here’s one with the most powerful of implications….

We cannot say God is good and then say the crown of His creation is inherently evil.  If God is good, His product is good.  The idea that we are bad because of something outside of our control deems the entity in control as bad.

Keep thinking about it.  Don’t base your belief on what someone else said, even me.  Think about it.

You see, for too long we have equated faith with irrationality.  To really believe God means He doesn’t make sense.  We have to stop listening to our head and follow our heart.  Stop it.  We were made to think.  Our faith is to be based on a higher way of thinking, not no thought at all.

So, let’s go back to that big thought and its implications….

We know we are progressing in our relationship with the Lord as how we think of ourselves and humanity in general, brightens.  As we grow in Him, our minds open to His truest identity.  And, in turn, ours as well.

When we see we’ve believed a good God created sinful people, the questioning should start.  Yet, we’ve been convinced that we shouldn’t question, just believe.  Just have faith and obey.  Those questions are the labor pains of our mind’s rebirth.  

Having the mind of Christ does not mean ours goes dormant.  It means ours gets energized, resurrected.  It begins to process in the way in which it was originally created.  We still have opinions, still make judgments, still choose.  We just do so from a fully relational context – oneness in Him.

The kingdom and its King DO make sense.  He IS good.  Apart from Him, good people do bad things.  In Him, we are restored – His goodness making ours alive again.

The world is not responsible for our broken thinking.  WE are.  Every choice we make reinforces the thought that initiated the choice.  The resulting pattern of thought creates a lifestyle which convinces us of a wrong identity – God’s and ours.

Adam is responsible for his sin, not satan.  We are responsible for our evil, not God.  The moment this becomes a revelation, God becomes the source of restoration instead of the blame for how we are.

What we think, matters.  How we think determines what we think.

In love,