January 19, 2015

Thoughts from Mark

It really does.

I’ve heard people say that our theology – what you believe about God and the people He created – doesn’t really impact our lives. As long as we can all agree on Jesus, everything else is just details.

Well, integrity demands we live what we believe. If that’s true, what we believe about God, people and even ourselves will affect how we live and will have big implications on the world around us.

Here’s an example:

If you believe people are completely depraved, full of sin from birth, you will naturally distrust and expect them to do wrong.

Since people will selfishly seek out their own way, and probably at your expense, you must protect yourself. The result is a walled-up heart with multiple relationship exit strategies.

You most likely have pretty high expectations and enjoy rules and specific boundaries because they keep us safe from one another and ourselves.

Since you are full of sin too, you really shouldn’t trust yourself–so you naturally struggle with doubt, fear and insecurity.

As a result, a depravity mentality creates a dark world getting darker, held together by mutual distrust, suspicion and fear. A world from which Jesus must rescue people.

If you believe a good God created good people who eventually learn sin, you believe there is good deep within them.

As you open your heart in relationship, they are invited to as well, and the good within has the opportunity to be revealed.

You innately trust people and your honor calls to who they really are–who God originally created them to be.

Because you are a safe, loving place, their learned sin doesn’t fit the environment you’ve created with them and they are prone to shed the sin they’ve learned.

Believing there is good within yourself, you tend to be more confident, loving and honoring of others.

The result of this belief is a dark world getting brighter as people shed their learned sin and walk in the goodness Jesus freed from within. A world to which Jesus brings heaven.

If we adhere to one of these two beliefs and the corresponding description does not apply, we either have little integrity–or we really don’t believe the theology we espouse.

Think about it…..

In love,