It has become the conventional Christian wisdom that the enemy, disguised as a snake, trapped man through deception causing the fall of man.  I am not so sure why we hold to this thinking so vehemently, maybe it makes us feel better to think that we were tricked into this whole way of life and so in the end it’s really not our fault.

I guess when I take it at surface level there are a lot of arguments, even evidence, that back up this way of thinking.  Clearly, as evidenced in the word, the enemy was in the garden, and clearly he took the form of a snake.  It’s also indisputable that he had a conversation with Adam and Eve with the intention of convincing man to take of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.  “You will surely not die” and “you will become like God” has all the makings of the bait that would lure man into this event that we would know as the fall of man.

I have heard people’s opinion of Eve on this matter countless times.  “She should have told the snake that she was made in God’s image and was already like God”. I am not so sure I can fault her so much.  If I am being completely honest, I am confident that I have fallen for much less noble reasons.  Plus she was trapped right?  I mean shouldn’t we all desire to be more like God?

So this is where I am stuck and remained stuck.  Satan trapping man, forcing us into this existence.  It just doesn’t sit right with me.  The idea that God was out-played in the garden… Something is certainly amiss.

Well this got me to thinking…wondering, really.  What if this existence, the way that life is now, isn’t the result of the enemy trapping man, but of God trapping the enemy?  This has to be heresy, right?  My mind going off on an unholy trail.  But think about it, if Christ was crucified before the foundations it was obviously for a purpose and that purpose needed to be set in motion.  Truly the revelation of God’s love could have never have truly be manifested to man except in the fallen state.

What was done in the spiritual, the crucifixion of Christ, needed to be played out in the physical.  So how does God do it?  By setting up a trap of the enemy that played on his jealousy of God’s greatest creation, man.  The taking of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil unlocks the door for the coming of Christ, and guess what?  That fruit was offered to man by the enemy!  Talk about God’s ability to use an ass!

I’ve imagined how this scene plays out, so think about this.  God is talking to Adam and Eve and tells them not to eat of the fruit.  Well, where is the enemy this whole time?  It really seems interesting to me that the enemy knows exactly how to tempt them.  Isn’t it possible that the enemy was listening the whole time, and wouldn’t it be possible that God knew he was listening? So if that is possible, couldn’t it also be possible that God in that conversation laid the bait to trap the enemy?  A trap that would unleash the greatest love that man has ever known?

Isn’t it plausible?  I mean, if we are all from him, and through him and back to him, then that means we came out of God to experience… God!!! God from a totally different perspective!  God from a Father’s perspective,  God from a lover’s perspective, God from every other perspective other than simply inside God.

Doesn’t this open up a world of possibilities in how we can know him?  Suddenly I don’t feel like the enemy has trapped me anymore.  Actually it feels like he is trapped, watching me and God walk through our relationship.

Looks like the best trap the enemy could have set for us was to just leave us alone, trapped in the garden.  But look who’s trapped now.