When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. (Luke 1:41-42)

The spirit is not limited to natural boundaries.  There is a freedom in this realm beckoning us to come explore.

I believe our spirit is not limited to the skin of our physical body.  Though it is centered within us, the extent of it reaches far beyond us.

The encounter between Mary and Elizabeth confirms such an idea.  A simple greeting causes a fetus to leap for joy, filling mother with the Holy Spirit.

The spirit of an embryonic Jesus powerfully affects both the spiritual and natural realm.

Yes, an angel appeared to Mary telling of His destiny.  Yes, the Holy Spirit overshadowed her to conceive Him.  So it makes sense that even as an unborn baby, Jesus could do miracles.

But the above events aren’t any more miraculous than our own salvation, Holy Spirit in-filling and relationship with the Lord.  In fact, I say that we have greater potential to effect spiritual change than that little baby in Mary’s womb had.

We have intentionality on our side.  We have focus, time spent and mental capacity all shaped by a deliberate relationship with our Father.  Combine these with our connection with people and you have the fertile soil of potent spiritual impact.

Upon entering an environment, your spirit enters first.  Your interaction with the setting is preceded by your spirit’s impact upon it.

Have you ever known something was wrong with someone before they ever communicated with you?  Did you ever “feel something” without having the natural information?

Our spirit is in communication all of the time.  It is connecting with other spirits without the requirement of your direct contact.  This spiritual reality requires understanding:

  • The stronger the spirit, the stronger the influence, good or evil.
  • If you are the influenced, you can carry the spirit of someone else with you, transferring it to someone else.  This is how many people spread their hurts and offenses.
  • It’s not good enough to simply “not say” something.  If you think it, if you hold it in your heart, it can transfer.
  • What’s in your heart is on display in the spirit.  It talks to people.  Your spirit attracts and repels others’ depending upon what’s there.

Think on the power of this truth.  It won’t take long to realize how far-reaching its effect is in your life.

Here’s just one example:  Children’s spirits are incredibly open.  So much of how they think and feel is determined by the influence of their parents.  If you know the parent and their child openly draw nears to you, it’s likely the parent thinks and feels positively about you.  If the parent has a judgment or an offense toward you, though you’ve done nothing to the child, he or she will withdraw.  The parent doesn’t need to tell the child anything.  The feelings in their heart impact the spirit of their child.

What you allow yourself to see, experience and take in attaches itself to you.  Without trying, you become a source of it to every environment you enter.  This is why time intentionally spent with the Lord is of such great importance.

Jesus is a life-giving spirit.  As we behold Him, He instigates rivers of living water and we supply the earth with the abundant life He offers.  Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, immersed her unborn son in the Spirit’s life Jesus brought through Mary.  This baptism remained upon him to make way for the Lamb of God.

You have the potential to completely impact every environment you enter.  You are spirit.  You, filled and covered by God’s Holy Spirit, should be the greatest influence.

How many babes are waiting to leap at your greeting?

In love,