April 29, 2013

Thoughts from Mark

‘You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you,’ declares the Lord.  – Jeremiah

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.   – Matthew

There is a seeking spirit in every person.  A yearning to achieve, discover, expand and explore.  Even the laziest among us inwardly seeks.

After a discourse about anxiety, Jesus directs our desires to reach for His kingdom.  He shows us that the birds and lilies do not worry, do not toil yet are both provided for by their Father.  To seek His kingdom is to seek after the best.

We get excited when we hear that if we seek the kingdom, everything we need will simply be added.  So, in our zeal, we fix our eyes on this kingdom, seeking to adhere to its principles.  We begin to see some fruit and with our zeal rewarded, we are galvanized in our pursuit.

What is foundational to this seeking is also its greatest prize.

You see, there is a King of this kingdom.  This King is so gracious that He allows the exploration of His vast dominion without requiring intimacy with its owner.

But, over time, there is an emptiness associated with this kind of pursuit.  It is because the fruit of this kingdom is only truly satisfying if it is enjoyed within the context of relationship with its Creator.  His DNA marking every harvest causes a longing for fellowship.

Many who have spent time perfecting the principles of the kingdom find themselves increasingly hungry.  This growing appetite is mistaken for dissatisfaction and many blame their current environment for not meeting this need.

The truth is the foundation of this kingdom.  There is no kingdom without the King.  There is no lasting contentment and reward without a growing intimacy with Him.

In our seeking the kingdom, we are meant to discover that He is the greatest of its rewards.  We come to find out that the fruits of this kingdom are a trail of breadcrumbs leading us to the King.

So, if you have to, take the opportunity before you.  Buy the field, invest, grow, explore and seek.  I have, and discovered that much of my seeking was to satisfy this unnamed thirst.  The result was adding things to my life in the name of the kingdom trying to satiate the hunger.

You will find, like we all eventually do, that the prize awaiting us at the end of our journey was the One available to us at the very start.  He cheered us on along the way and held us when we fell.

Some need the full process and journey to recognize His value.  Some find Him part way through.  Some take Him on every step and find much less need to strive and achieve for the value they’ve already found.

His name is Jesus.  This is His kingdom.  And He is the King.

In all of your seeking – Christian, lukewarm or otherwise – this is the One you’ve been looking for.

He is enough and He is everything.

In love,