August 28, 2013

Thoughts from Mark

Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, and a branch from his roots will bear fruit. – Isaiah the prophet

When we look for fruit on a tree, we look up.  More often than not, when there is a stem rising up from the root of a tree, we cut it down.

Isn’t it interesting that this prophecy concerning Jesus describes Him as a branch from his roots?

The root represents the foundation, the core, the part that draws from the source.  It is unseen and often not regarded since the beauty of a tree is in its majestic spread and foliage above the ground. Though some life is brought in through the leaf, the true sustenance for all that is seen comes from the root, deep underground.

I have discovered that the shoots coming from the root of a tree are the strongest, the most viable.  These branches drink straight from the source.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dead branch rising from a root.  On the outer limbs, often.  But not from the root.

The root represents the heart.  This is the place from where the issues of life flow.  What happens in the heart, what burdens or wounds the heart, what brings joy to the heart, will be manifested in the life.

Most of the “fruit” in our lives will spring forth from our trunk high in the air – children, dreams, things we produce, our attitudes and behavior, our judgments and perspective.  That which comes from our root will be the most authentic, the strongest, and will produce the “trees” of the next generation.

Isaiah’s words are incredibly hopeful because so much good fruit on a tree is too high to reach.  But the fruit from a root branch is accessible.  And just imagine the sweetness of the fruit drawing directly from the life source of the root.

So what does all of this mean naturally?  A couple of things to consider…

  • As a son, don’t just abide in the success of your father.  Dig deep into his heart.  Find and live from all that made him who he is.
  • As a father, be vulnerable.  Let your children drink deeply from the core of who you are.  Your pain can bring as much life as your joy.
  • Know what’s in your heart.  Let the walls crumble and let healing come.  Your best stuff is the raw YOU.

Jesus came from the root, the bosom of His Father.  His fruit was accessible for all mankind.  He was the seed of the heart of David, the one after God’s own heart.  The blood from His “roots” washed away our sin forever and heals the nations.

We can be a branch that waves high in the air.  Those branches are supplied with life that was filtered through the entire tree.  But, I don’t want to live off the hand of the Lord.

I want to be like Jesus.  He sprung forth from His Father’s heart.  I don’t want filtered life.  I want to live from His heart.

Jesus’ DNA is in us.  Drink deep from Papa’s heart, just like He does.  The raw, the real, the authentic Him is there.

Then, we are counted among those who produce more of Him in the earth rather than those who are simply fed by Him.

He’s offering His heart to you.  Take it over His hand every time.

In love,