Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. – Jesus

Repentance is the realization of our unfinished state. And what we, in that state, can do to others.

This simple word is the key to opening ourselves up to all we have been missing.  WE are the greatest hindrance in our lives.  Repentance is getting out of our own way.

It is humbling to realize the affect our attitude, offenses and judgments have on people.  We’ve done such a masterful job of disesteeming them that we fail to realize how our heart condition blinds us to their true value.

It is time to repent.  To own our contribution in the very thing at which we point our finger.  I am convinced we will never see the kingdom of God in its fullness without it.

Repent to your parents.  There is this little promise in both testaments about how honoring these precious souls, dead or alive, causes our lives to go well.  The season of blaming them is over.  It hasn’t served you well and is stealing your blessing.  Get up, forgive them, bless them and live.

Repent to your children.  I have discovered a rare-heralded parenting tip – ask forgiveness of your children.  Often the characteristics and behaviors we are most often correcting are the result of us.  They picked it up from our spirit just by being around us.  Own it.  Tell them so and repent of it in your life and its affect on theirs.

Repent to your pastor.  If he or she lacks the anointing to bring life to your soul, start looking for the reason inside of you.  Your practiced ability to disrespect them is cutting off valuable life for you.  If you cannot, move on.  Stay or go, that heart condition will haunt you wherever your journey takes you until you repent.

Repent to your spouse.  The technological advancement of blame finds no greater context than in marriage.  Aim to see how your attitude, your attention, your care toward them impacts what you receive from them.  Repentance is the ticket into the heart of your spouse.  There, you see what they see.  And oh my, is that an eye-opening perspective.

Repent to the leaders in your life.  From our boss to the president of the country in which we reside, our dishonor is bringing condemnation upon us.  He or she may be evil, contentious, rude and condescending.  Their beliefs may violate ours.  Yet none of this justifies our judgement, our hatred.  We are children of light.  That means that even the darkness is light to us.  See Jesus, even in the darkest of those in authority over us, and call Him forth with your honor.

Repent to the Lord.  We can paint flesh and blood on what ills us all we want, but at the end of it all, our biggest beef is with the Lord.  When we realize that He’s not nearly as in control as we like to give Him credit, the only one left is the one in the mirror.  Release Him from the prison in which you’ve held Him and watch Him run free in your life again.

Don’t turn repentance into pity or shame.  It steals the power of repentance and beats you up.  Repentance says “Yep, my bad. Forgive me. Let’s move on.”

Though they are countless, two great results of repentance come to mind as I write this….

One, you get to see Jesus.  When we remove from people the wrap of blame and dishonor we’ve put on them, we see Jesus in them.  This is the kingdom.  What a sight for sore eyes.

And two, we are free.  Free from the burden of remembering faults and injuries.  Free from conjuring up new accusations and trumped up charges.  Free from the labor of blame.

We don’t realize the burden this is on us until it’s gone.


In love,