January 10, 2014

Thoughts from Mark

It is one of the most common phrases in Christianity – “relationship with Jesus”. Yet, for too many believers, it is still a great mystery

For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church. (Eph 5:31-32)

This great mystery is entered through a realization that the Lord is not apart from His people.  Instead, He is in us, and more importantly, we are in Him.

Oneness is a difficult concept to grasp.  A husband and wife are to be one yet are two distinct individuals.  The two shall become one is an intentional growing into one another.  It is a deliberate “burying” of oneself into the life of another and allowing someone to do the same in us.

As it relates to Jesus, the difficulty lies in the fact that He is not physically here.  We can’t see Him, touch Him or hear Him audibly.  Though many reading this have had moments when each of those have happened, none of us can say we wake up every morning and there is Jesus, lying on the other side of the bed.

None of this detracts from the reality of His presence in our lives.  We as humans have become so accustomed to flesh connection that the idea of spirit to spirit is too mystical for us to really grasp and make our own.  Yet oneness is first spiritual, then natural.

If we could see in the spirit, we would be astounded at the amount of unrealized connection that happens.  Spirit goes beyond our flesh.  We, our spirit, enters the room before we, our body, does.  No words, no eye contact, no intentionality is required for two spirits to mingle.  It’s why you can “feel” things in a room – how another is feeling, their mood.

Relationship with Jesus begins with the spiritual reality of His presence already interacting with our spirit.  He IS.  Right here, right now.  He isn’t a belief to study.  He isn’t afar off seated only at the right of the Father.  He is as close to His Father as He is to us.  This is possible via the Holy Spirit – Jesus Unlimited.

As our minds are renewed to the spiritual reality, there is a practiced posturing of our spirit toward His.  He is alive with feelings, thoughts and aspirations.  He wants to share His heart with us as much as He wants us to share our heart with Him.  Directing our spirit’s attention to Him is the context of relationship with Jesus.

How could Jesus say to His disciples in John 17 I desire that they be with Me where I am so they can see My glory?  He was right there, in the room with them.  How can we, sitting in front our computer right now, also be seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus?  It is the awareness of Him as a person and the posturing of our heart toward Him that makes this possible.

As this is practiced, we increase our awareness of both realms – spirit and natural.  Our relationship with Jesus awakens a heightened sensitivity to the world around us.  Instead of us walking dully through routine, the environment becomes alive, filled with possibility and opportunity.  What was once mundane is now an ever-changing landscape.

It is here, in a dynamic spirit relationship with Jesus, that we learn a whole new way of life.  The life we were actually designed to live all along.  The life Father imagined for us before we were conceived.

Bury yourself in His ocean and don’t come up until you no longer need air.  Then, you will be one.

In love,