Recently we have felt an urgency to encourage the the Father’s family to tell their stories; the places within us that God makes Himself known to us. Often these are the less glamorous parts of life, the places we feel the weakest, or are struggling to hold on to hope–and then our Father reminds us of the wellspring of Life we have inside of us. He is continually writing, manifesting and releasing His stories in and through us, and for too long we have been un-opened and un-read books of His love. It’s a very important time right now–and with it there is a call to action, part of which is the required voices of His sons and daughters.

So read your stories out loud, sing them, create them, tell them with your lives because it is the overcoming power that someone else needs to hear, to know this is not the end of their story.

So I am going to re-tell a story from the past in the hope of encouraging us all in a really incredible gift that we moms and dads have, and don’t often enough utilize: parenting with the Holy Spirit.

When I was a young mom to my firstborn, Jonah, he was continually sick, from chronic ear infections to respiratory issues related to his asthma. Then, when he was 3 years old he began having “stomach” issues. He would randomly wake up in the middle of the night vomiting and had on-and-off severe diarrhea. I became worried, as it didn’t seem to follow the pattern of an isolated virus or bug. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something in his environment (a.k.a. our home) was contributing to this, but had no idea where to even begin investigating.

I had previously done a bible study with a few teens out of our home on Sunday nights on the book of Daniel, and I remember praying the confident declaration that Daniel speaks in Daniel 2:22- It is He who reveals the deep and hidden things, He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him! I got to experience the living reality of this hope.

In the midst of this season, I had a dream one night that I was standing in my backyard speaking to my neighbor in his backyard, which faced my own. There was a stream that ran between us two, dividing our two properties (not the actual case). I looked down to see that Jonah, who was with me, had fallen over into the stream. I immediately picked him up and had a sense of panic that he was going to be sick, because I knew the water was contaminated. This remained in the back of my mind, as Jonah’s sporadic on-again-off-again episodes continued.

Then one of these “episodes” landed him in the hospital with diarrhea so severe he had become dehydrated. The timing of everything is a little fuzzy, but I believe it was after him coming home from those terrible few days in the hospital that we had a operational meeting at WHO. Mark had just come back from a trip where he went to visit a fellow minister and business owner. He took a tour of one of the labs this friend owned, and shared with us that as he stood in front of a water purification tank or system, he had an immediate thought of Jonah and a strong sense that “water” was related to what he had been struggling with. My dream immediately came back to me in confirmation, and I shared that as well.

In response, Ben and I called the borough to come and test our water, which they did the next day. Hours from the sample being taken, they called and said, “stop using your water immediately–it is contaminated!”  They searched outside of our house into the water system to see where the contamination was coming from, but then concluded it was happening within our home, a back-up between the dishwasher, food disposal and drinking water from the faucet–something we were then able to fix.

I love this story because it has been to me the living reality of a promise–He reveals the deep and hidden things! There is no better way to parent than in partnership with the Father, for Whom darkness is as light (Psalms 139:12).  When our instincts are on high alert with one of our children, whether it be sickness or a matter of the heart…when we know that there is more going on than what we can see or currently know, go WITH your Father in pursuit of the root! The thing that is below the surface, the deep and hidden thing, He reveals because the greatest opportunity for His kingdom to advance, for Him to be known, is in the co-creating with sons and daughters fully alive!

– Jen Delgado