For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20)

The revelation in this simple verse is astounding.  Every atheist, doubter and even the struggling-with-their-faith saint must consider it.

The proof of an invisible God is visible.  And not just simple evidence, but His eternal power and divine nature.  God is to be seen and understood CLEARLY through His visible creation.

For too long people have separated the natural from the spiritual.  This is a mindset the ancient Greek philosophers passed down to us.  As a result, there is a stark boundary in our minds between the natural world and the realm of the spirit.

This separating viewpoint merged with a fledgling Christian faith.  The blend of the two resulted in a doctrine that this natural world is sinful and evil, including man, while the spirit realm is holy and perfect.  Neither is accurate.

This philosophy was a glaring departure from Hebrew thought.  Jews believed that this world and the spirit were fully involved in one another.  One impacted the other.  Doing something naturally had an influence on the spirit.  A spiritual cause had a natural effect.

Paul’s words in Romans 1 exemplifies this mindset.  He wants us to see God’s eternal power and divine nature in this natural world.  Actually, the context of the verse is the nature of man himself.

What a concept!  We are to see the glory and unmistakable fingerprint of God in the nature of man.  A very different message than what we have been told about ourselves.  Paul entreats us to see God’s power and nature in humanity rather than sin and iniquity.

Man has been given free run of the earth.  Instead of using all that is wrong in this world to disprove God, we should emphasize the redemptive nature of the Lord in man’s attempt.  Man, separate from God, ruins.  Man, in relationship with God, builds and plants.

There is no dividing line.  The spirit realm is as real and close as the air you breathe.  Honor and be thankful for the power of God clearly seen in what is around you.

Every time you feel your heart beat or the wind blow, let it remind you of the Father who loves you.

In love,