June 10, 2014

Thoughts from Mark

Thoughts from Mark: Let Life Live


There is always the temptation to systematize something organic.  It’s common to do so.  What’s missed is the reality that to be organic mandates a hidden structure and design.  It’s just not one man created.  

It is our role to steward the created design in the organic for maximum growth and output.  This purpose is one of man’s greatest privileges.  To take what the Creator designed and manage it, maximize it and sustain it.  

The inorganic needs tight and intrusive oversight.  Systems require control.  That control is the stranglehold squeezing life out of the organic.  Rules overtake conditions.  Instead of focusing on the best conditions for the organic to thrive, rules are set in place to legislate it.  

Life cannot be legislated.  It must be freed, guided and counseled.  You guard and release life, not tell it what to do.  Life has an inherent “command” of what to do.  Introducing a new and contrary law will trap and eventually kill its internal design.  

The world Jesus came to is a system trapping an organic design.  Man is God’s family.  In walking away from his internal design’s Designer, man created a system in which to live.  The result is death.  This death-laden system works but kills the life Father put within His children.

So, the Father sends the Son.  His goal is to free people trapped in a faulty system bringing them into His abundant life.  It’s why you see Him so confrontational with the Jewish leaders.  He challenged the shackled view of His Father, His kids and the system that fostered it.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  The abundant life He unleashes destroys the works of the faulty system in man.  We then get the opportunity to walk how we were originally designed – empowered by His love and grace.

If man remains trapped by the system in his mind, he will attempt to systematize why Jesus came.  The Church is the glorious and dynamic family of God, not a system.  She’s alive.  And just like the fruit in the garden of Eden, the seed is in itself.  The Church is the fruit of the Tree of Life in the earth.  The seed inside her is LIFE.

To systematize this family is to neuter it.  To Jesus, she is His bride.  He nourishes her, while too many of her well-meaning leaders try to control her.  Her leaders are to join Jesus in the nourishing and washing of His bride.  Adding an outside structure to a perfectly designed internal one is nothing short of a prison.

Peter wanted to build tabernacles for Jesus, Moses and Elijah on the mount of transfiguration.  Jesus didn’t even respond to the zealous desire.  Man-made temples, structures and commandments cannot house the spiritual life God gave to man.

Let’s create an environment where the life of the Lord in His people has its greatest opportunity at freedom.  Fostering a context that empowers and releases the beauty inside of His family is an honor we should not taint with our own ways.  He IS The Way.  And He is not fond of being manipulated.  

If the Father holds His family loosely, so should we.

In love,