February 25, 2014

Thoughts from Mark

For no man can lay a foundation other than the one that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. – Paul to the Corinthians

Jesus initiated a leadership structure so unique that it turned the world upside down.  It is so unique, that still today, it challenges conventional wisdom.

If you’re at all involved in corporate America or any organization, you will have encountered leadership design.  In most cases it is a “top-down” approach.  A leader directs subordinate leaders who direct subordinates.  The result is a flowchart of authority flowing down from the top.

A variation on that theme is where the leader is the center hub in a wheel and all direction and activity flows from the center to the outermost parts of the circle.  A newer concept is the cellular design where the leader’s vision is the enzymatic force that empowers cells of like-mindedness.

Yet still, Jesus’ leadership design is revolutionary.  And it is so because of one simple and powerful trait – the leader is the foundation.

A foundation must be the strongest part of the whole.  Yet, it is rarely seen.  It’s role is to provide stability for the rest.  A firm place where the whole can take hold, finding security to be and perform its function.

The foundation is the servant of all.

We quickly realize that such a leader is not really a leader at all, at least not in the traditional sense.  In fact, you never see Jesus call Himself a leader.  This model of His “leadership” is empowerment, is support, is guidance, is service.

You might say, well, Jesus is the head of the body.  That word head in Greek is the word kephale, which means source; the point from which all things flow.  Even here, Jesus sees Himself as the hidden root system of the tree He calls His body.

No matter where you look in scripture, Jesus buries Himself so that His Father’s family may have life.  He refers to Himself as the simple door leading to His Father.  He tells His disciples that if they want to be great, they must become the servant of all.  He dies the most accursed kind of death, knowing that unless He died, a harvest could not come forth.

And that is why it is my belief that the greatest leadership model in the church is fathering.  A father wants nothing more than the success of his sons.  A true father is unafraid to be at the bottom, lifting up his sons into their fullness.

And hence, the world is not growing darker and more evil.  Our light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen.  Of the INCREASE of His government there will be no end.  With Jesus as the foundation, the earth is awakening to its true glory.  As more people cover the earth, so does His glory.

The greatest leadership design is truly upside down.  

It leaves no room for man’s ego.

And the result is a strong foundation whose greatest joy is the house upon it, more glorious than itself.

That sounds like Jesus.

In love,