January 24, 2014

Thoughts from Mark

…if you diligently obey the Lord your God being careful to do all His commandments….But it shall come about if do not obey the Lord your God…. (Deut 28:1,15)

This is how a relationship with God begins.  We literally live by every word that proceeds from His mouth.  We obey everything He says and ask Him what we should do at each step.  His commands are our actions.  Whatever He says, we should do.

Why?  Because we’re babes.  This new way of life is so new, so different than how we lived on our own prior.  To obey means life, blessing and the Lord’s favor upon us.  To not obey means that life will work against us.  He will actually cause things to resist us, even hurt us so that we turn toward Him and His way.  We need this because we haven’t been this way before.

Early in life, obedience is vital for survival and safety.  Not heeding the voice of caring protectors can get us hit by the speeding car, burned by the stove or break the nose of our not-sharing sibling.  To not heed God’s voice does the same in our spiritual life.

It is in this initial phase of spiritual growth that He seems to step in without being asked.  He interrupts and just does things on our behalf.  Funny, its as if He knows what we need and just makes it happen.

Yet there is something vitally more important that obedience does.  It trains us.  It re-codes our soul to think and process life differently.  The goal of the “commander” is not to be so forever.  He desires to command into a place of knowing and becoming – transforming a weak and infantile one into a strong son he can go with into any life situation.

In the military, men train men to fight with them in battle.  This is the perspective of the Lord with us.  He is a Father.  No father, especially a perfect one, wants to tell us what to do forever.  He commands until He sees Himself in us – thinking like Him, feeling as He does, acting as He would.
As He sees such, He slowly shifts roles.  He transitions from the commanding master to a partner, a wise and trusted friend.  Always able to lead and will when the need is real, yet would rather see who we’ve become step out in faith and test this burgeoning maturity.

This does not change His level of involvement or all of His infinite attributes.  He is still King of kings.  He is still the Great I AM.  He simply changes the way in which He applies His nature to our lives.  To have the Most High come alongside us puts a boldness in our spirit for which the earth groans.

Now, instead of commands, there are more and more suggestions, ideas and thoughts to consider.  A maturing son of God will hear things like “What do you think?” or “What do you want to do?”.  He will become progressively less directive and more helpful.

The law (obedience) is to bring us to Christ (grace – divine enablement).  Moses (law/obedience) was faithful as a servant while Jesus (grace) is faithful as a son.  Elijah only acted when directed to by the voice of God.  Elisha is never recorded as acting on God’s voice but walked in a double portion of Elijah’s anointing.

This scriptural pattern hints at a living reality.  Obeying God is a tutor bringing us to becoming Him in the earth.  Christ IN us is the hope of glory.  Our season of training engages the Christ in us to walk in the earth as He does.  He then accompanies us as the Helper, the Comforter, the Advocate.  He works with us to confirm our words with signs and wonders.

To some this is heresy.  God is God and we are man.  Nothing above changes any of that.  What this reveals is the grander plan God always had for man.  In Adam, God wanted someone with whom He could walk, talk and live.  He wanted to share the earth with him and create a place where a Father and a family could enjoy one another.  How else did God know it was not good for man to be alone?

He wants to live with us.  He desires to experience our life with us.  He wants the full nature He gave us to manifest so He has a true partner in the earth.  One He can continue His plan with that He started in Adam.

Wanna come?

In love,