Parents of young children do more for their kids.  This is not a revelation.  Neither is this – parents release more and more as the child matures.

What is the revelation is that God – who is our Father – works in the same way.  Someone new in relationship with God will see Him more intentionally active.

I remember how blatantly active God was in my early years.  Prophetic words for my life were abundant.  People got saved around me after simple conversation.  Every prayer was heard and there was much fruit with little effort.

Today, my life looks very different.

I remember my freshmen year of college when my dad called me telling me that I had overdrawn my checking account.  I told him that was impossible because I still had checks in my checkbook.

Yep, that was a day of reckoning for me.  A realization that dad wasn’t just going to take care of things.  I was going to have to stand up and work with what had been given to me.  Continuing in immaturity would allow all of the good stuff in me to remain dormant.

Spiritual maturity is God walking with His son.  He empowers, encourages and is the source of His son.  But it is the mature son’s faith and intentional activity that engages the Spirit of God.

Instead of waiting for instructions, the mature son acts in the nature and spirit of His Father.  Because the son’s heart has been shaped by the Father, he has learned to trust it.  Continuing in intimate relationship protects the son from the areas of his heart not yet fully yielded to the shaping of his Father.

Father awaits the invitation of a mature son while an immature one does not need to invite Him.  God knows our needs and where we are in our development.  If a prayer continually goes unanswered, it is entirely possible that the power is within us to fulfill the request.

In the natural, a fully grown adult acting like a child is considered immature.  This is untrue.  It is laziness.  That adult has all the capabilities to function as an adult but has chosen not to.  He is mature in his physical development but refuses to grow in the weightier matters of his soul and spirit.

God does not distinguish in the same way we do.  A mature son acting immature is still considered mature by the Lord.  God’s activity seems to stop because the child refuses to act like His Father.  It is not that God is not present or inactive in his life.  It is the child who is dormant, not the Lord.

It is possible to have walked with the Lord for many years and have virtually no God activity in your life anymore.  It is because you have matured.  You are not the little child you once were.

Your Father is as close as He has always been.  It is YOUR development that has caused His shift in activity.  Now, it is your life, your decision, your faith that calls Him into action.  What He used to do before with no provocation now requires your intentional action.

If parents continually do things for their children, the children don’t grow.  This pattern has been authored by the Lord and works the same spiritually.

His stepping back allows all He has invested in you to come forth.  The sleeper must awaken.  That sleeper is you.

God is as close as you want Him to be.  He awaits your invitation to electrify everything He’s put inside of you.  He can be as active today as He was when you first met Him.

Stop waiting for Him.

He’s waiting for you.

In love,