God is good.

A simple statement.  And to most, an obvious one.  As much as we say we concur, there are striations within our psyche sapping the abundant life of this proclamation.

God is good.

Buried in these three beautiful words are important truths.  Allow them to saturate your soul until every shred of doubt and fear are overwhelmed by their meek supremacy.

He is good toward everyoneHe is the standard of His goodness, not the receiver.  Therefore, our behavior has no bearing on His goodness.  It is this very trait that brings us to repentance.

Everything that happens in our lives is for our good.  Even the plans of the enemy are wielded for our benefit.  He is such a good father that no matter the circumstance, we can trust Him.

He is a creator and re-creator, not a destroyer.  After each masterpiece of creation in Genesis 1, He deemed it good.  In Jesus, man is a new creation.  Our good God loves new beginnings.

He encourages, builds and disciplines, but doesn’t punish.  Our mistakes and even our rebellion are summed up in the cross of Christ.  It is His love that brings us into right living.

These conclusions are not only to be ascribed to the Lord, but to us also.  We are being transformed into His image.  Christ in us is the hope of glory.  The manifestation of His nature in the world is the earth’s treasured destiny.

Imagine a people good toward everyone.  The actions of another having no bearing on our attitude or response toward them.

Conceive a time when there is no fear or anxiety about life.  An genuine trust that all things are truly working together for our good.

Envision creativity unstained by current reality.  No matter how chaotic or dark the environment, beauty and light spring forth from the heavenly realm.

Picture a population of lovers.  A people who believe that loves really does cover a multitude of sins.  This love spurring a transformation from the inside of a person, out.

This is the heritage of the children of a good God.  It was never meant to just be a dream of Martin Luther King or a song by Lennon.  It is the true nature of God calling out to all His family…..

I am good.

In love,