May 23, 2017

Thoughts from Mark

What God wants to be is the center of our everything. Because here’s the reality – He is in all things and holds all things together. So, Him wanting to be everything is an unnecessary desire.

Contrary to popular Christian belief, God doesn’t want to be the boss, in charge and fully in control. He doesn’t. He is already Almighty. He is already the Most High. All authority in heaven and earth already belongs to Him. The need to be the boss or in control is only for those who thirst for power, place or position they do not have.

He wants to be the center. Our source. He wants to be the point from which all things flow. From this place of Him, we enjoy life, people and the creation all around us. And these three are all at their most harmonious to us when He is our center.

To be our everything puts too much responsibility on Him. I know, I know. You probably think He wants that responsibility and can handle it. But He doesn’t want that. He’s too good and loving for that. To be our everything obligates us to nothing. Babies need someone to be their everything. The immature require another to handle their gaps and voids.

Instead of thinking of Him as wanting total reliance, think of Him as a wise, loving father who knows and wants what’s best for us. This is a more accurate perspective of God. No good father wants His child to be solely focused on him. We are His workmanship created for good works. As the center of our everything, He is the source of all that we are and do. His joy is more in fulfillment with Him than our constant attention on Him.

He is our light, our breath, our spark of life. He provides these things so we can enjoy to the full this life we’ve been given. As our source, He participates in all we do without needing all of the attention.

I’m so thankful I am in relationship with a Father who doesn’t require all of the attention to be Himself. A theology espousing He does is centered on an insecure sovereign in need of all the glory. And that flies in the face of His Son who freely shared His glory with those who loved Him.

Let Him be your center. And then watch Him be Himself right there in the midst of all that’s in your heart.

In love,