Change has come.  The world, your world, as you and I know it, will never be the same.

The conclusions of hurricane Sandy are definitive.  Her magnitude and path were indicative of a shift in our climate and atmosphere.  No matter your beliefs on climate change, the evidence is clear.  A shift has taken place.

My friend and father in the faith, Gene Strite, stated over 2 years ago that the end of 2012 would mark a change in the climate of the earth.  Spiritual realities would become more apparent.  Temporary things would become, well, more temporary.

I am convinced he sensed correctly and we have entered a new season.  As I wrote last week, there is no dividing line between spirit and natural.  The activity of one has an impact on the other.  This new season is a concert of both realms.

I urge you soberly and with peace to consider how you live.  Every action, every motive, every attitude of the heart has a reciprocal effect.  There is an increased awareness of reaping what we sow.

The spiritually minded will recognize the veracity of their life in this world.  The worldly will be faced with the stark reality of a very real spiritual realm.  This is not a time to fear, but rejoice, for the Light has come.

Here are a few things I am putting into practice with renewed focus:

  •  Quiet your soul.  Truth is not found in the loudest or most convincing voice.  It is the still, small voice of the Lord.  Shut out everything deafening your ability to hear Him.
  •  People are of the highest value.  Pursue and invest in relationships.  Consider the giving of wealth rather than its accumulation and you will never lack.
  • Flee evil and embrace what is good.  Adopt a higher standard so your light and love have their greatest effect.
  •  Simplify.  With increased focus comes increased intensity.  You were made with a purpose – nail it.  This allows others and their gifting a greater level of partnership with us.
  • Be unoffendable.  Release bitterness, envy and strife from your heart.  Forgive people and be healed in Jesus name.  Your very life depends upon it.
  • Love.  Love God, love people.  What you believe matters little if this simple but powerful truth does not precede it.

There is an incredible opportunity before us.  This is not a time to be normal, mediocre and mundane.  You are a star of the heavens, the light of the world, a city on a hill.


In love,