February 12, 2014

Thoughts from Mark

This comes to us while Mark and the team minister in Sumy, Ukraine.


Belief: what is perceived as true; confidence in something without immediate or rigorous proof.

Living Reality: what is experienced as real; a real thing or fact; what something believed actually is.

Belief: when pride leaves, humility comes
Living Reality: when humility comes, pride leaves

Belief: when sin leaves, God comes
Living Reality: when God comes, sin leaves

Belief: when we die, we begin to live
Living Reality: when we are made alive, we willingly die

Belief: when the enemy flees, our life gets better
Living Reality: when we make our lives better, the enemy loses place in us

Belief: when the curse leaves, the blessing comes
Living Reality: the blessing drives out the curse

Belief: when I become rich, I will be fulfilled
Living Reality: when I am fulfilled, I am rich

Belief: if I love Jesus, I prove my love by keeping His commands
Living Reality: when I love Jesus, I become able to keep His commands

Belief: love hates sin and challenges the person
Living Reality: love covers sin and transforms the person

Belief: repentance is admission and sorrow for sin
Living Reality: repentance is change of thought and action away from sin

Belief: I do, therefore I am
Living Reality: I am, therefore I do

Belief: Jesus is doing things to us and for us
Living Reality: Jesus wants to be Himself in us

Belief: when we worship, God draws near
Living Reality: when we worship, we become aware of Him who is always near

Allow these few to open your minds to the living reality.  There are others possibly much more personal to you as you think on these.

Remember, lesser cannot leave until greater comes.  This is grace.

This is Jesus.  And He is very much a Living Reality.

In love,