April 15, 2013

Thoughts from Mark

I awoke this morning with a strong word from the Lord – supernatural giving and investing.

I combined this with the word I received Friday – your faith has made you well.

Most of you know that I am much more of a teacher than I am a prophet.  Nonetheless, these two words have been strong enough in my spirit that I felt compelled to share them with you.

I believe the two are connected.  One complements, proves and enhances the other.  Faith is necessary for both.

People are at their wealthiest and healthiest when they are generous.  But it is much easier to be generous when we have plenty.  I am convinced that to kick-start a new season of prosperity will require sacrificial giving and investing.

Bless someone in need or honor someone with a gift.  Invest time and money in something you believe will return a harvest to you.  Improve your home, your business, your car, your wife, another’s life.

Don’t hesitate on this.  I am convinced this is an opportune moment.  As I prayed, I saw coffers where people had stashes just waiting for a perfect time.  This is it.

I believe your health is dependent upon this.  Even your ability to think and reason in this season.  Please don’t think I’m being extreme.  This is a sobering word with incredible opportunity within it.

This is all about our heart.  How we feel when we first read this, how we will respond, what we will do with this is a mirror.

Don’t be ashamed.  This one wasn’t easy for me either.  I want health and wealth via the path of least sacrifice just like you.  I thought about my lack rather than my plenty.  I immediately wanted to constrict rather than release.

But then, I just meditated on the words.  As I did, the Lord in the words began to soften my heart with the times He provided in the past when I surrendered.  He gave me glimpses of my past generosity and it fueled my faith for this moment.

I am ready.  All I have is His anyway.  I am a steward and the One who entrusted me with it is suggesting a strategy.

Let’s take Him up on it.

Love you all deeply,