July 2, 2019

Creative Writing

I always saw filters as a necessary part of the maturing process. The tried and true “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is still a viable way to communicate with those around us. However, I recently had a revelation from the Lord when He asked me, “Could you always be truthful with people?”

My initial response was yes, so long as it’s not something hurtful. More often than not, the part I have to filter is “my truth” not “the truth,” the part of my flesh that reacts in response to its uncanny ability to spot the flaws and failures in myself and others.

Some might answer, “I say the truth no matter what. It’s their fault if they’re offended.” However, even “the truth,” when delivered in a spirit of callous judgment, is empty, devoid of repentance, and lacks the inertia to change hearts.

This is not to say the truth will not hurt, or that the truth won’t offend. Moreover if you derive satisfaction or self-edification in providing a response that is hurtful, even if the statement is “true” in itself, the message has become muddled and has lost its power of influence.

The pure and just truth comes out of relationship with the Father and a corresponding love for His children. If my heart is closely aligned with HIm, I can speak the truth in love without fear of mis-speaking or letting my flesh answer in my stead. When my views and opinions shift to His and are centered in a love for all people, the truth can still offend but it is be supported by a generous overflowing of His grace and patience.

I endeavor to align my heart with the Lord’s. I desire to have His eyes to see the truth, His ears to hear it, and His wisdom to combine them into an appropriate response.

– Reece O’Connell