June 24, 2013

Thoughts from Mark

Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered. (Hebrews 5:8)

Jesus was a son long before He ever came to earth.  This truth makes what He did on earth all the more incredible.

People learn to be people through trial and error.  Through choice and consequence, we learn right from wrong, what’s good for us or not.

Jesus had no need of such a learning curve.  He is the author of life.  Yet, He humbled Himself to take the form of His creation and in every way became like us.

Although He was a son…

Think on this – God became a man.  Specifically, the son of God became a son.

Imagine being the ultimate and supreme at something and then voluntarily going back and starting the entire process over again.  Now, multiply the severity of that change by 1000 and we still have little comprehension of His feat.

All of the honor and reward of being a son were already His.  The intimate relationship He had with His Father was voluntarily separated and He had to learn of Him.

He suffered.  Not just on a cross, but the entire process leading up to it.  When you have that kind of relationship, that inherited identity and then give it up, that’s suffering.

Sons learn obedience through the things they suffer.  His very presence on the earth was a testimony to His obedience.  Yet, He was unafraid to learn it again.  He did so to be a living example for all of us.

Extrapolating out this scripture…. Sons eventually do not suffer.  Once we learn sonship, suffering ends.  It is in the learning curve where suffering happens.

Sons realize WHO they are in this process.  Becoming a son awakens us to the thoughts and actions unaligned with our identity.  It becomes natural to live like a son.  Anything else is painfully unnatural.

So, let’s be patient with one another.  We are all assimilating from a culture of orphan to son.  As we see one another suffer, instead of pointing our finger, let’s remind each other of who we are becoming….

The Father’s son.

In love,