May 30, 2020

Wayne Kuhns

Dear Family,

I believe relationships are being challenged today more than we‘ve seen them be challenged in a long time. Possibly more than I’ve seen them challenged in my lifetime.

The reason for this is because we are living in a very different time. We are experiencing much uncertainty. Many people are feeling this uncertainty and are desperate to get some kind of clarity as to what direction society in general is moving. As a result, each of us is diligently searching for direction. We see much written or spoken concerning what is happening. This is written or spoken by people just as desperate for clarity of direction as each of us are. Some of what is written or spoken is based on facts, or in some cases based on science, but much of what is written or spoken is based on personal opinions.

Because much of what is written or spoken is based on personal opinion, we aren’t sure what to believe or whom we can trust. Because of the deep searching in our heart for clarity of direction or insight, we make a choice by what we believe to be true and/or factual. Because we aren’t sure what to believe or whom we can trust, we make a decision on what we believe [our personal opinion] and we become very committed to our decision. Because of the multiple platforms each of us have at our disposal, many people are becoming vocal with their opinion even if it is spoken directly against another person.

We aren’t just speaking out what we believe to be truth; we are speaking out about what is wrong about you and your opinion. This is placing many personal relationships into chaos. If we aren’t careful, it will divide us, and we will build walls between us from the judgements we make in our heart towards others—and even at time, between close friends.

This is not all bad! In fact, this can be very good. However, in the middle of it, each of us need to make some basic fundamental decisions as to how we form our personal opinions or personal convictions. We can read or listen to other people’s opinions and form our opinions and possibly our convictions from that, but this will have a tendency to keep us very shallow and sets us up for divisions which have no solid foundation.

Or we can make a decision to do it a different way. We can allow this to cause us to dig deep into our heart. This will give us an incentive to diligently seek after the heart of the Father. It can cause us to dig deep into scripture for truth from the word of God. It can cause us to seek a more personal connection with Jesus Christ. When we do it this way, it will give us a solid basis of what we believe and why we believe it! As we speak truth from this perspective, we will be building bridges in our relationships as we are then able to bless and honor others.

In Love,

Wayne Kuhns