As another American election approaches, we are bombarded by the political zealots and their barrage of ideals.  And with the plethora of communication avenues, only those with rotary phones and rabbit ears on their TV can escape the multitude of voices.

Instead of adding to the cacophony, allow me to hit the reset button for those who are reeling, frustrated or simply shutting down.  Here are a few simple reminders not heard enough in the drama of the political fervor….

Jesus loves Barack Obama.  He loves Mitt Romney too.  Both have strong family values and are passionately devoted to their nation and its people.

Politics is about money and power.  Politicians need both to accomplish their goals.  And in the end, most will vote for who they believe will better their current financial condition.

It is not written in some handbook that a redeemed child of God must vote Republican.  And voting Democrat does not revoke your salvation.

In fact, it is not your Christian duty to vote.  There is not one scripture that even hints at this idea.  Unless you count the Israelites begging for a king and getting Saul.  So don’t be intimidated by news outlets, bumper stickers, social media or even Christians.  If you vote, do it because you want to.  Vote because you are American and want your opinion to count.

What is within your godly identity is to pray for your nation and the leadership God places there.  There is a boatload of scripture to support that.  And when you do, allow the Holy Spirit a dialogue.

It is in chaotic times, such as these, when children of God should really shut off the sounds of this world to hear Father’s voice.  I submit to you that this meek act will do more than voting a million times.

I have been surprised by His words when I’ve done this.  I hear Him say how much He loves the people of America and how much He wants relationship with them.  I have discovered that His perspective can often be quite different than the accepted Christian one.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned from our talks – the real power for change is in a nation’s people, not its government.  Those who believe change happens through an administration have vacated their role and identity.

Don’t forget this basic desire of our heavenly Father – redeemed children.  He wants His kids back walking in who they were always meant to be.  And He has proven historically that He will not be pigeonholed into how He should do it.

This is the God who allowed His first children to experience 400 years of slavery so a heathen nation would see His wonders.  He skillfully wielded the heart of a wicked ruler to accomplish His purpose.

So don’t fret about who will be best for America.  Vote your heart and know that we have a Father who loves our nation more than we do.

In love,