May 12, 2014

Thoughts from Mark

10 Things I Wish I Knew In My Teens

1. Be an expert

Try lots of things while you’re young. Explore and experiment when you are old. In between, lock in on one thing and do it better than anyone else.  Experts are always in high demand and create opportunities rather than wait for them.  [Tweet “Experts are in high demand & create opportunities vs waiting for them. #kingdomculture”]

2. Have sex with one person

I have not met one person who had multiple sex partners and lauded it’s benefits. You were not made to join body, soul and spirit with multiple people. The pain of the resulting broken connection haunts people for years. Plus, kids don’t make good parents and neither do grandparents. Choose one, become one.

3. Never chase money

Wealth is a fuel, nothing more. It’s purest definition is the means by which we live. This world has convinced us that it’s the endgame. It’s a disappointing siren leaving us empty and wanting. [pullquote position=”right”]If you let money lead you while you’re young, you will follow it your whole life. It was never meant to lead. It was meant to follow.[/pullquote]

4. Find a Mentor

Find a mentor and don’t make any decisions without their approval for at least 6 months. Those unafraid to learn, no matter their age, always go farther. It’s not about blind obedience. It’s about learning how to make decisions, seeking wisdom and being open to correction. The teachable, the seekers of wisdom are usually the most secure in life.

5. Flee expectations. Embrace standards

Life is not cut and dry, black and white. Expectations are cold and impersonal goals usually established for us by someone else. Standards beckon the greatness inside of us to arise. Expectations demand and disappoint. Standards inspire and lift us.

[Tweet “Expectations are impersonal goals established by someone else. Standards reveal greatness inside us. #kingdomculture”]

6. Honor your father and mother

Your ability to respect and esteem your parents is the closest thing to a guarantee of a long and prosperous life. This has nothing to do with whether or not mom and dad are honorable. Honor does not require the one receiving it to be worthy of it. I have yet to meet a person who speaks highly of their parents and is not in a good place in their life.

[Tweet “Honor does not require the one receiving it to be worthy of it. #kingdomculture”]

7. It’s about becoming, then doing

Too many young people make big decisions about their lives before they’ve discovered who they are. The result is a domino effect of work, life events and others’ expectations determining their lives. [pullquote position=”right”]Be vigilant about first becoming. Then, you naturally make decisions that match your identity.[/pullquote] A much more happy and fulfilling life awaits. Refer back to #1.

8. Choose a spouse when your life will be better with a permanent partner

A life partner is what man was created for. Knowing the right time to introduce them into your life is imperative. Each time to think “it’s time” ask yourself – what areas of my life would be better with a mate? If there are honestly few to none, enjoy a fruitful friendship until your life tells you differently.

9. Love with abandon

Love is a practiced and infinitely creative art.  It’s who you are.  Time, maturity and “wisdom” will try to stuff your love into an adult box.  Love isn’t learned, it’s remembered.  Don’t forget how to love freely.  Love is original human DNA.

10. Don’t be afraid to commit

The idea of putting roots down may seem confining to the young and “free”. But tumbleweeds never produce fruit.  Don’t be afraid to settle in and build.  Those rich in resources and opportunity rarely offer either to a “fly by nighter”.

In Love,