April 28, 2014

Thoughts from Mark

Last week we looked at the 11 Worst Reasons to Get Married. So, why should you get married?

10 Best Reasons to Get Married

1. “I come alive.”

Marriage is the original context of multiplication. It starts with two committed ones creating an environment where the other can discover and be fully themselves. You don’t MAKE the other better. You allow them to BE completely who they are.

2. “I want to serve.”

Until you truly see another as more important than yourself, do not marry. Marriage is the GIVING of oneself.

3. “I am better.”

No better opportunity for self-improvement than marriage. Every one of your weaknesses will be revealed. It’s less about becoming better yourself and more about allowing your spouses strength’s to fill in your empty spaces.

4. “This person is incredible.”

When you find a great one – inside and out – you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Faults and quirks are part of the deal. But when you find one who consistently gives your heart reason to awaken, sing and dream, you don’t let go.

5. “There should be more of us.”

The first command in scripture is to be fruitful and multiply. Simply wanting kids is one thing. Partnering with one who you believe will help fill the earth with exceptional children is divine.

6. “I don’t leave.”

If you’re a quitter, don’t marry. If you’re not in till death, honorably bow out now and don’t even date until you are.

7. “I love vulnerability and honesty.”

This is the bedrock of trust. What you’re committed to will be destroyed by what you hide.

8. “I see.”

You must see who the other has not yet become. This is not a fantastical hope of who you want them to be. It is a lifetime hunt for the full manifestation of treasure you’ve seen in only glimpses thus far. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter. It is the glory of kings to search it out.

9. “I will change everything.”

Committing to another in marriage means everything is up for review. Job, geography, extended family, education and future plans are now a subset of the covenant of marriage. Anything prioritized above the relationship can separate it.

10. “Nothing can separate.”

Sickness, poverty and the most extreme circumstances are still better with them than without. Imagining life without the other is empty, dark and simply less worth living. To separate would mean the death of you. This is true oneness.


In Love,