Tell me about the WHO family.

For us, Family expresses the heart of the Father for His people. We are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, invested in doing life together through open hearts and the real encounter of our Father’s love.

We are committed to the perfecting practice of our Father’s love, and what His love accomplishes. We are His sons and daughters. Our heart is to live in the abundant life of Jesus through our unique individual identities, submitted in love and relationship to one another, seeking to be fully unified in one heart and mind with the whole body of Christ.

What happens during the week?

We deeply value relationships; our heart is to live life together. In addition to our weekly family gatherings at 10am on Sundays, we have many other scheduled and spontaneous times together.

Wednesday night is a great time to connect. On alternating Wednesdays, we have home groups (the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month) and Bible Study, Youth and WHOKids (the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month). See our calendar for updates.

We use social media to communicate times when the family is impulsively or informally gathering. If you would like to become part of that conversation, we welcome you!

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Children are a very important part of our family.

We highly value the presence of children in our worship times. We believe that the secrets of the Kingdom are hidden in them, that they are full of prophetic insight, and they are quick to see, hear and respond to the Person of the Lord and His heart among us. Therefore, we desire to engage with children, our hearts joining together with theirs, in times of worship to our Father and King. Some of our mothers in the faith provide worship flags, and we provide a coloring table for you with your children to use during these worship times. Praise Him!

WHOKids meets on Sunday mornings, in 3 age groups: Little Movers (6 months to 2 years), Preschool (3-4 years) and Children’s Church (K5-6th grade).

We allow parents to determine when their child is ready to transition to the next classroom. Our age guidelines are simply to let you know what age each classroom is geared for.

Note for Mothers of Infants: We invite you to use the Mother’s Room to tend to your baby (or if you prefer a private place to nurse) at any point during our worship gatherings. The room is equipped with a direct stream of the adult gathering.

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